Annual Fund Chairman’s Message at the 2014 Fall Meeting

The following is a transcript of the Annual Fund Chairman Michael Hayde’s remarks at the 2014 Fall Meeting in New York City.

Good afternoon. As you just saw on the video, the Annual Fund enables ULI to reach more people in more communities around the world. Last year, the Fund invested nearly $1.6 million dollars in activities that fall into six areas:

  • Developing excellence through education;
  • Driving innovation in real estate and urban development;
  • Shaping cities and regions;
  • Connecting capital and the built environment;
  • Advising communities in need; and
  • Building sustainably.

From the Women’s Leadership Initiative to the Global Awards Program, the Annual Fund is helping ULI make an impact.

Currently, we are on track to raise $1.6 million again this year. As we saw in the video, the Fund offers substantial support for ULI’s longstanding hallmark programs such as Advisory Services, awards, and UrbanPlan. However, the Fund has reached many more areas of ULI this year, including:

Since the idea for a District Council grant competition was conceived by Harry Frampton in 2005, the Annual Fund has awarded nearly $2.6 million to jump start 132 grassroots efforts to improve some aspect of community livability.

This program is challenging our members to be increasingly innovative, and their creativity shows with each funding round.

Just this week, the Annual Fund awarded $260,000 more in grants to 13 district and national councils. The competition was tough—there were 43 applications seeking a total of nearly $800,000. Clearly, ULI is more engaged at the local level than ever.

It’s often said that ULI is only as strong globally as we are locally, and these grants reinforce that strength. They are catalyzing ideas that turn into impact that makes our communities more livable, prosperous and resilient.

Each of you can help us do more — at both the local and global level. You are already contributing to ULI’s cause with your dues and your participation at ULI meetings. You can deepen your commitment with a contribution to the Annual Fund.

Give back to ULI with a gift to the Annual Fund. Visit to learn more about the Fund and the Foundation. Or, talk to me, Jeff, or David Howard about the many ways you can give to ULI.

I believe firmly that ULI’s best work has yet to come. We can do more — and we will do more — with your help. Together, we will continue ULI’s amazing legacy of transforming cities. Get involved today!

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