Chairman’s Message at the 2013 Fall Meeting

ULI Foundation Chairman Jim Curtis challenged attendees at the 2013 ULI Fall Meeting to think holistically about solutions to the challenges facing today’s cities and regions. ULI’s impact, he noted, is far-reaching and lasting.

“As ULI members, every one of you has a unique ability—working individually and collectively—to make a tangible, lasting difference in people’s day-to-day lives. By being part of ULI, you are embracing a cause that is noble, transformative and profound. This cause is promoting responsible land use to help people achieve a better quality of life and great economic productivity.

“The impact that ULI is making through your membership, your sharing of talent, and, most importantly, your volunteerism, is why I’m proud to be chair of the ULI Foundation.”

Fall Meeting Video

Watch ULI Foundation Chairman Jim Curtis’s presentation at the 2013 Fall Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

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