FY 2018 Annual Fund Campaign: Off to a Strong Start  

John Doe

The FY 2018 Annual Fund campaign is in full swing, having raised more than $200,000 toward the goal of $1.65 million. The Annual Fund is the primary way that members can support programs and initiatives that make a difference in communities and transform the real estate and land use industry. Vital programs such as Advisory Services panels, UrbanPlan, and the Women’s Leadership Initiative rely upon member donations to the Annual Fund.

FY 2018 is the first year to reflect a shift in the Annual Fund campaign season. Prior to the start of FY 2018 on July 1, the campaign was held on a calendar-year basis. The campaign now follows ULI’s fiscal year, which begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year. As a transition from the calendar-year to fiscal-year system, the Annual Fund held a six-month campaign between January 1 and June 30 and raised nearly $245,000, exceeding the goal for this transition period.

Each year, the Annual Fund relies on the generosity of product council members, and through friendly competitions, councils are encouraged to give. For FY 2018, the Annual Fund has introduced the Top Ten Product Council Competition, which recognizes the first ten product councils to raise $50,000 from their members. By the end of August, the green flight of the Industrial and Office Park Development Council (IOPC Green) and the red flight of the Urban Development/Mixed-Use Council (UDMUC Red) had raised more than $50,000.

The Annual Fund will continue to recognize councils that achieve 100 percent participation from members. Two councils have already achieved 100 percent participation: the Responsible Property Investment Council (RPIC) and the red flight of the Industrial and Office Park Development Council (IOPC Red).

Governors play a critical role in supporting ULI programs through donations to the Annual Fund. Please consider a gift for the upcoming holiday season. Your generous contributions to the Annual Fund empower ULI to respond in a timely fashion with long-term solutions to communities facing complex problems in housing, transportation, infrastructure, and rebuilding after disaster. To support the Annual Fund, go to foundation.uli.org.

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