ULI Columbus Receives Major Gift from Lizanne Galbreath

Lizanne Galbreath

ULI Foundation governor Lizanne Galbreath has pledged a $285,000 gift to ULI Columbus to strengthen the district council’s long-term growth and positive impact on the central Ohio region.

Established in 2008, ULI Columbus has developed several signature programs, including the inaugural ULI Columbus Awards for Excellence, which recognize outstanding real estate projects in the Columbus region; insight2050, a scenario-planning process that helps local municipalities understand the fiscal, health, and environmental benefits of compact, mixed-use development to accommodate future growth; a storyteller series that features local and national industry leaders; and other programs.

“Ms. Galbreath’s recent and unprecedented investment continues to challenge our district council to focus on initiatives and programs that will truly have a positive and measurable impact on the growth and development of our region, while focusing on the advancement of the ULI mission and providing value to the members we serve,” said ULI Columbus chairman Terry Foegler. ULI Columbus will be required to match Galbreath’s gift with support from members, partners, and other funding sources.

Galbreath, managing partner of Galbreath & Company, a Norwalk, Connecticut–based real estate development firm, has roots in Columbus, where her father, Daniel, and grandfather John W. Galbreath established a family-run real estate development, management, and leasing business.

“My gift to ULI Columbus is rooted in my deep belief in the importance of ULI’s work in making cities better places through its thoughtful programming, education, and research,” Galbreath said. “Real estate is a local business, and my family’s roots in Ohio with three generations supporting Columbus in being an exciting, vibrant, and successful city made it an obvious choice for my gift. I look forward to supporting ULI Columbus’s growth and continuing my family’s legacy of giving back to the community.”

Donate today to match Lizanne Galbreath’s generous gift to ULI Columbus.  To make a donation, contact Alicia Gaston, ULI Columbus coordinator, at alicia.gaston@uli.org

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