UrbanPlan Matching Gift Campaign Moves Swiftly toward $300,000 Goal

John Doe

The ULI Foundation has received more than $200,000 in donations and pledges to match a $300,000 gift pledged by governor Ron Nahas at the 2017 ULI Spring Meeting in Seattle. Since Nahas’s initial announcement, the Foundation has received significant interest in supporting UrbanPlan, founded by Nahas and other ULI leaders in the early 2000s. The Foundation seeks to raise an additional $100,000 by December 31, and is encouraging other ULI Foundation governors to make a gift.

“For more than 15 years, UrbanPlan has fundamentally changed how young people understand the decision-making process behind how cities and neighborhoods get built,” said Kathleen Carey, ULI Foundation CEO and president. “This program has had a tangible impact in educating our youth and transforming them into informed citizens. Giving to UrbanPlan is a powerful way to make a difference.”

With his gift, Nahas aims to expand the program to new markets so that additional district councils, high schools, universi­ties, and students participate; modernize and enrich UrbanPlan’s curriculum and teaching materials so they can be ac­cessed through digital platforms; expand UrbanPlan for Public Officials workshops to engage more public sector leaders; and build staff capacity to deliver the program and assess its impact.

To match Nahas’s gift to UrbanPlan, please contact Corinne Abbott, senior vice president, ULI Foundation, at corinne.abbott@uli.org.

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