ULI Foundation Celebrates 50 Years of Impact

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From its founding, the ULI mission has been to provide leadership in responsible land use and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. And this year, the ULI Foundation celebrates 50 years of impact, with a mission dedicated to raising and managing philanthropic investments to benefit and advance the ULI mission in cities worldwide.

Over the course of the Foundation’s first half century, the generosity and commitment of ULI supporters has propelled steady growth in core content areas and fostered elevation of ULI’s transformative value.

From initial expansion of the Community Builders Handbook series to dedicated support for ULI’s many research, education, and Advisory Services programs, the ULI Foundation has ensured the success, strength, and growth of ULI’s present and future work in support of its mission through all economic cycles.

Today, the ULI Foundation continues to ensure the success, strength, and growth of ULI’s work to an ever-growing level of global impact. We rely on and are grateful for partnership with our many individual and institutional donors and friends. With continued support and engagement, the ULI Foundation can grow capacity and vision to meet the challenges of our next 50 years.

To find out how you can invest in personally meaningful programs that support ULI’s mission, please contact the ULI Foundation. We are honored to work with you to design a gift plan that uniquely supports and advances your particular real estate and land use interests and causes.

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