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The ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative represents the voice of women in real estate and land use, and now these voices are louder than ever. WLI is proud to showcase eight exemplary women representing diverse backgrounds, experiences, and geographies. These women share with us their career paths, what success means to them, and some pieces of advice they’ve gathered through their careers. Additionally, these clips offer a deeper look at how ULI, and WLI specifically, have played a role in achieving professional and personal goals.

While each woman’s story is unique, there exists a common ULI thread: Get Connected!

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About the Women's Leadership Initiative

Learn how ULI promotes the advancement of women in the real estate industry.

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Women in CRE

The Women’s Leadership Initiative released its first comprehensive research study entitledWomen in Leadership in the Real Estate and Land Use Industry. WLI wanted to fill a void in existing research on women in the workplace, which has until now primarily analyzed employees of Fortune 500 companies and has not looked at the nuances in real estate specifically.  As such, WLI embarked on a comprehensive analysis of how women are faring in our industry and what approaches organizations can take to ensure a higher level of inclusivity in their leadership ranks.  The study can be found here –http://WomeninCRE.uli.org/

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