Our Cities, Our Future: The $100 Million Campaign for the Urban Land Institute

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Our Cities, Our Future: The $100 Million Campaign for the Urban Land Institute

Communities worldwide are facing some of the most pressing land use challenges of our time. Climate change, affordable housing shortages, a lack of restorative infrastructure investments, and much more.

Right now, there is a tremendous opportunity to be a part of the solution. To leave a mark on communities now and for generations to come. To change lives. To shape the future.

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Our Case For Support

The intensity and frequency of extreme, unparalleled events have become nearly commonplace in our communities. Consider the damage and disruption precipitated by climate change acceleration, the decreasing security of regional infrastructure, and the instability of economic and social well-being revealed by the grievous—and ongoing—global pandemic. These events share one common theme: they all affect life on the land.

In this moment, the multitude of global challenges requires a specific, urgent, targeted response, and ULI has a unique opportunity to lead with solutions. Our members have the unique combination of skills, experience, attitude, and vision to make a difference.

Our impact begins with YOU!


Our Goal

Our Cities, Our Future: The Campaign for the Urban Land Institute will raise more than $100 million in philanthropic investments serving ULI’s global mission: Shape the future of the built environment for transformative impact in communities worldwide.

Ways to Give

Explore the ways you can support ULI, whether through outright gifts that make an immediate impact or planned gifts that look to the future. ULIF is a 501(c)3 charity and all gifts are tax deductible.

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The reasons to give to ULI are as numerous and diverse as our mission-driven programs. See how our member leaders are making a meaningful impact on communities today through the ULI Foundation!