Mark C. Kehke

President and Chief Operating Officer, DMB Pacific Ventures LLC

ULI Member Since 1989

Builder and Overseer in the ULI Foundation Governors program

ULI Involvement:
ULI Foundation Governor since 2004; ULI Foundation Overseer since 2012; past chair of the Community Development Council (CDC) Blue Flight (2004-07)

When Mark C. Kehke looks back at his three decades in real estate development, he sees the impact of ULI on his career trajectory from real estate rookie in the 1980s to president of an investment and development company.

“I could trace all the success and all the growth in my career to either things I’ve learned at ULI or the relationships I’ve built through ULI,” says Kehke, president and chief operating officer of DMB Pacific Ventures LLC in San Francisco. “It’s been a huge part of how I’ve developed as a professional.”

Kehke has taken an active leadership role in the ULI Foundation, becoming a Governor in 2004. ULI Foundation Governors make a significant philanthropic investment in ULI by contributing $50,000 or more to its endowment, generating income in perpetuity for the Institute and securing its ability to deliver top-quality research and programming on sustainable land use and community development.

“The power of an endowment is that it allows you to deliver on your mission in both good times and bad,” Kehke says.

In 2012, he joined the Board of Overseers, a group of Governors who advise the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Overseers act as a conduit for ideas about programming and fundraising strategies and add another layer of stewardship over donations to the Foundation. These donations support current and future ULI programming and safeguard ULI against uncertain economic times.

“People need to understand that the Foundation is what makes ULI sustainable,” Kehke says. “It’s the thing that takes us through good years and bad years. The real estate industry is highly cyclical and that impacts ULI as well. The Foundation is what smooths out these cycles.”