Annual Fund Chairman’s Message

Michael Hayde at 2015 Fall Meeting
The following is a transcript of the Annual Fund Chairman Mike Hayde’s remarks at the 2015 Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California.

Good afternoon! What you just saw in the video is, quite simply, ULI at its best. UrbanPlan is a fine example of the many programs made possible by the Annual Fund—programs that expand ULI’s reach to more people in more communities around the world.

Last year, the Fund invested more than $1.6 million in activities that fall into six areas:

  • Developing excellence through education;
  • Driving innovation in real estate and urban development;
  • Shaping cities and regions;
  • Connecting capital and the built environment;
  • Advising communities in need; and
  • Building sustainably.

Whether it’ s through high school training, or awards programs, or new research, or land use workshops—the Annual Fund is strengthening ULI’s impact around the world.

Currently, we have raised more than $1 million this year, and we are on track to match or surpass the $1.75 million we raised last year. Virtually all of this of this is due to the generosity of our Product Council Members. Nearly 83 percent for total of $1.3 million—that’s a great turnout.

As the Annual Fund Chair, I am of course very appreciative and proud of this support. But, even with this impressive showing, the Fund is still not as strong as it could be. The Fund belongs to all of us, and it deserves support from all ULI Members, not just Product Council Members. It supports ULI work that helps all Members. As a result, it stands to reason that all Members should be helping to grow the Fund.

You may not realize it, but many of you probably live and work in communities that have benefited from ULI’s Urban Innovation Grant program. It’s yet another example of ULI work that is supported by the Annual Fund. The program is a grant competition for district and national councils that was conceived in 2005 by ULI Chairman Harry Frampton as a way to foster more local engagement throughout the Institute.

The competition has flourished over the past ten years, catalyzing some of ULI’s most creative thinking about improving community livability and sustainability. Since the program began, the Annual Fund has awarded more than $2.8 million to jump-start nearly 150 different grassroots efforts. This grant money has leveraged 45,000 volunteer hours—time worth an estimated $9 million—to support these local programs. That’s a lot of giving back. That’s our fellow ULI members, figuring out how to make our communities better.

Just this week, the Annual Fund awarded an additional $219,000 in grants to 14 district and national councils. The competition was tough—there were 28 applications seeking a total of nearly $550,000. That’s a testament to just how effective this program truly is. We look forward to seeing the progress made with these new grants over the coming year.

You can help the Annual Fund turn more good ideas into impact. Help us build on ULI’s legacy of success with a donation to the Annual Fund.

You can learn more about the Annual Fund and the ULI Foundation at Or, talk to me, Jeff, or David Howard about the many ways you can give to ULI. Get involved today!

Thank you, and enjoy the rest of the meeting!

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