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ULI Foundation Governors
The ULI Foundation Governors are a select group of members united in their commitment to ensuring the future of the Urban Land Institute.

Governors distinguish themselves and their profession by making a significant philanthropic investment in ULI. Each governor contributes $50,000 or more to ULI’s endowment, generating income in perpetuity for the Institute and securing its ability to deliver top-quality research and programming on sustainable land use and community development.

“Being a governor helps to support the core of ULI’s future success and stability,” said Mark Kehke, president and chief operating officer of DMB Pacific Ventures LLC and a ULI Foundation Governor since 2004. “Those who truly believe in ULI owe it to themselves, the organization, and the industry to go beyond their initial contributions.”

Launched in 1982, the ULI Foundation Governors program is designed to be a stable stream of funding to support ULI’s core research and education programs. The benefits of joining the campaign are significant, as governors have unparalleled opportunities throughout each year to network, socialize, and expand their knowledge and influence in their professional spheres and beyond through exclusive events, retreats, and travel opportunities exploring global land use issues. Governors are also prominently recognized in widely distributed printed and multimedia materials in association with the ULI programs and projects they support.

Governors who contribute $100,000 or more can join the Foundation’s Board of Overseers, which advises the Foundation’s chairman and board of directors on fundraising and other matters.

ULI Foundation Governors also provide substantial thought leadership by participating on Governors Advisory Panels, multidisciplinary teams of experts who help communities to address important land use and real estate development issues. Most important, GAPs are provided to communities free of charge.

“It’s a privilege to be a ULI Foundation Governor and to be able to give back to an organization that has been so important to our business and the real estate community,” said John Ropes, founder and president of Ropes Associates Inc. and a governor since 2007. “Through relationships made in ULI, I can call on members around the world who are willing to share their experiences to help meet today’s challenges.”

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For information on becoming a governor, please e-mail Kathleen Carey or call 202-624-7003.

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John Hagestad,
ULI Foundation Governor

John Hagestad ULI Foundation Governors "have a tremendous knowledge base in their areas of expertise," says John Hagestad, who sponsors a series of Advisory Services panels composed of Governors. "I would say there is no finer body of knowledge and that it’s unmatched throughout the world."

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