Key Leaders Program Aims to Keep ULI’s Senior-Level Members Engaged

ULI is developing a program aimed at significantly increasing the participation of its most senior-level members in leadership, volunteering, and mentorship opportunities across the Institute. The Key Leaders Program will work closely with the approximately 600 members who are senior leaders of the Institute.

The Key Leaders Program will serve three distinct member groups:

  • ULI Foundation governors;
  • Current trustees, now to be known as governing trustees; and
  • Former trustees, now to be known as trustees.

At the 2017 Spring Meeting, ULI’s leadership approved a plan to reengage individuals who have ever served—but are not currently serving—as a trustee. Trustees will now serve on a permanent basis, initially serving an executive term as governing trustees before continuing to provide their expertise as part of the wider Key Leaders Program.

The Key Leaders Program exists in tandem with the Navigator, a new web portal that enables all ULI members to learn about, search, and apply for volunteer opportunities across the Institute. Members of the Key Leaders Program are encouraged to submit their interest in opportunities by going to

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